The Kindness Coach

Kari Joly’ Estill

Kari is an affiliate with SendOutCards, a network marketing company that provides a system for staying top of mind, generating repeat business, and attracting organic referrals.

Kari’s favorite use of the SendOutCards system is sending her friends’ and families’ favorite social media photos to them in the mail for birthday gifts, holiday gifts, and special occasions like events, promotions at work, etc.

Her work with SendOutCards inspired Kari to create the #TrustKindness movement, which is centered around her belief that what we send out into the world comes back to us tenfold. She works with companies & entrepreneurs in using the SendOutCards system to sprinkle kindness on the people in their spheres of influence, making the world a better place and attracting more customers organically.

Kari also uses SendOutCards to invest in her relationships with her children and works with parents, teachers, and other child care providers using the system to build self-esteem and teach kindness and mindfulness to the children in their care.

Click here to learn more about #TrustKindness.

For more information about SendOutCards, schedule a 1-on-1 with Kari here.

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“Making the World a Better Place.”


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