Having a strong sense of independence and wanting to support her single mother, Kari started working at age 15. Some friends helped her get a table-bussing position at a local retirement complex. From there she moved on to the fueling service at the Sonoma County Airport, where her mother was the corporate secretary. She worked at the reception desk and learned basic office skills. After high school, she took a break as a stay at home mom, and then went back to work in 2002 to support her daughters.

Kari is a quick study and has a strong desire for efficiency. She is constantly analyzing for potential streamlining opportunities in alignment with her belief that time is money. She’s a self-starter, and loves to work with a team. One of her key strengths is closing leaks in office systems, creating checks-and-balances within for built-in accountability.

Kari was the office manager in two garage door companies in Santa Rosa, where she honed her people skills, office admin, and bookkeeping skills. She then worked for one of the largest vineyard management companies in Sonoma county for five years, where she earned a promotion to bookkeeper/office manager after systematizing one of their key client-care processes. This position gave her her most productive view of the inner workings of the accounting system, and a fantastic overview of office personnel collaboration opportunities. 

Kari has taken some classes at the JC as well, and will be completing her Bookkeeper certificate soon.


(707) 889-0433